Review Policy

Note: At this moment, I’m over a year behind on ARCs & book reviews. As with a lot of people, COVID-19 & the lockdowns did a number on my mental health & the consequence to this was — I stopped reading. With that being said, I’m being extremely selective with what ARCs I accept until I manage to semi-catch up. I apologize to anyone who’s e-mails receive no response.

Hello my sweet ghouls! You’re either here because you just found me (welcome!), you re-found me from my previous blog (R.I.P. Becca Leighanne), I just posted something on Twitter mentioning this little space of the internet, or you’re lost (in which case, I hope you stay). Whatever it is, I’m so happy that you’re taking the time to read (or skim!) through this.

It’s important to note that I’m running this blog a bit different from my previous one, so even if we’ve worked together before, it’s worth reading this!

From here on out, my main platforms for reviews are Goodreads & Instagram (and, of course, retail sites). This particular blog is used as a catch-all; meaning, whatever I’m in the mood to write, it’ll land here. Do I want to do an interview with someone? It’ll be here. Do I want to show off some art that I’ve been working on? It’ll be here. Do I wanna share a list of recommendations? It’ll be here. I’ll also be using this for blog tour purposes.

After I write so many reviews, I’ll gather them up & do a wrap-up type post on this blog where I share an excerpt from the review & then link to the full review on Goodreads.

All of my reviews are 100% honest. Otherwise, what’s the point? However, I will never roast your book nor will I ever attack you as an author. Instead, I’ll state the good & the bad; if a book is not for me, it doesn’t mean that it won’t be for someone else. I’ve read (& loved) a lot of books that I read due to a negative review.

I’m more of a DNF’er than I once was. But it takes a lot to get me to DNF a review copy. I really have to not vibe with the book in order to DNF. I also never do star-ratings on DNF books, because I do not feel that it’s my place when I couldn’t even finish it. This is a me thing & have nothing against any reviewer who decides to rate non-finished books.

As mentioned on top, I am behind. I can’t promise that a review will happen before release date. The only thing I can promise is that if I accept your request, then I will definitely review it at some point.

& now onto the important stuff…

Favorite / Preferred Genres:

Adult: Horror, Rom Coms, Thriller/Mystery

Young Adult: Thriller, Horror, Contemporary, Rom Coms

Middle Grade: Fantasy, Horror

Non-accepted Genres:

High Fantasy, Erotica, Faith/Religion

Accepted Formats:

Physical Copies & E-Books (.ePUB or PDF)

Rating System:

5-stars: Absolute love. Favorite. Will never forget. Probably won’t shut up about it.
4-stars: Might have been minor issues, but regardless, still a book that I’ll obsess over. Just maybe not as much as a 5-star read.
3-stars: Good book, just not a favorite & that’s that on that.
2-stars: Didn’t enjoy it. There may be some redeeming qualities, but not enough to make me like this book.
1-star: One is the loneliness number ♪ This is a rare rating from me, but it has happened. I hated it & will not be recommending to anyone.

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Contact Info

Please send all review requests to my e-mail: It’d be A+ if the e-mail also included a Goodreads link, because it makes it so much easier for me.