Top Ten Tuesday: Non-Bookish Hobbies

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly blog meme hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl!

This week’s Top Ten Tuesday prompt is non-bookish hobbies, which is very exciting because it gives everyone a chance to know the person behind the books!

Baking & Cooking

I love creating food & love sharing it even more. I was ecstatic when Sara Tantlinger, friend, poet and author of To Be Devoured, invited me to participate in her new series Delicious Horror! Check out the full post here!

Creating Lists

To-Do Lists, TBR lists, lists, lists, lists. I’m addicted to making lists. Am I lame? Yes. But am I having fun? Also yes.

Cross-Stitching & Embroidery

I’m much more into cross-stitching, but absolutely love the freedom that embroidery allows.

Board Game Nights

There’s nothing better than almost peeing your pants from laughing so hard during game night, which is 100% what happens to me every time. Trivia Games, Classic Games, Strategy Games — I’m here for it all.

Video Games

And while we’re on the subject of games, video games are my true love. I’m currently in the middle of Red Dead Redemption 2 — which.. I’ve been playing for.. two months & the end is still nowhere in sight.

Watching Horror Movies

Surprise? …no? Okay. Horror & Disney movies are usually the only things I watch these days. What a pair, huh?


This year.. I couldn’t seem to keep up with my veggie garden. However, I did plant a gorgeous flower bed that I fell in love with over the Summer.


I never thought in a million years that podcasting would become a hobby for me, but here we are. I love my chats with Cassie, Cooper & our special guests! If you didn’t know, I co-host a podcast called The PikeCast where we dive into Christopher Pike books!


I absolutely love diving into new art-styles & learning different techniques.

Watching Horror Documentaries

I love learning everything I can about horror films. The ins & the outs. I love hearing theories & deep analysis’. It’s my jam.

What are some of your non-bookish hobbies?! Let me know in the comments!

6 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Non-Bookish Hobbies

  1. So many hobbies!! I definately don’t have that many,, ahah

    Gaming is my one true love aswell! Though i’m mostly a nintendo gal xd for the exception of sims.. mainly all that I play has been something my uncle had been gaming too when he was babysitting me; he was 16- so there’s a few he didn’t showed me xd like I know he used to play diablo.. while I don’t. I inherited all of his old gameboys and game cartridge ahaha back in the era where I didn’t asked my parents for games/couldnt buy any myself.

    I’ve been wanting to get into baking/cooking… but I just- didn’t. 🤣
    Same with anything artistic, i’m the worst at not pursuing anything because I get angry at how poorly I do things.. and while Iknow it take practice to be good- I just get too frustrated.

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    • I love the Nintendo so much! There so many goodies!

      You should definitely try to bake/cook! If at first you don’t succeed, brush yourself off and try again!

      I can understand getting frustrated. :/ I’ve gotten a lot better at being more calm about it, but it truly does suck when something doesn’t come out right :/

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  2. Ah I wish I had all these hobbies. So many amazing creations that you have made when it comes to art and food. Love it all so much.

    I have so say I definitely love board game nights. That is the one thing I am saddened that covid took away was having people over for game nights. My boyfriend and I are currently playing pandemic legacy season 2. That has been really fun.

    I am glad to see you are enjoying Red Dead Redemption 2. I haven’t played that in a while. I’m currently into Vampyr but I have taken a bit of a break from it. Also getting back into Stardew Valley which I love so much.

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    • Aw, I wish I could have board game nights with you! My sister & I have recently started getting into strategy games! We played Horrified SO MUCH during my birthday weekend lol

      Oh! I started Vampyr once but never finished it 😦 I just remembered that I had Stardew Valley and I really want to try again, because I couldn’t get into it at first — mostly because I didn’t know what I was doing.


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