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Hello, beautiful ghouls! ♥ Books & baked goods truly go so well together & as a person who loves baking — I just couldn’t pass up my chance at doing the Bookish Baking Tag! I spotted this on my love, Destiny’s blog! If you’re somehow following me & not Destiny — please fix that.

** Please excuse the fact that the graphics don’t blend into my black background, lmao.

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The Boyfriend Project starts with a bang & unfortunately, for me, kinda dwindles — but it’s still a fun rom-com! I just love girl gangs & that’s that on that.

Am I currently promoting a book that I have yet to read? Yes. But, Cameron Chaney is an absolute delight & hello???? Every night is Halloween in Autumncrow??? We love to see it.

I drew an absolute blank with this, but I don’t talk about I’ll Be the One enough — so I’m going with Skye Shin; a plus-sized singer & dancer who proves that she can do anything.

The Mall takes place at a.. mall. It’s summer break & Cassie is preparing to head off to college in NYC. Things go down & lots of drama & adventure ensues. This book is full of nostalgic vibes for ’90s kids!

We’re going with Goosebumps on this one because my other answer was written by she-who-must-not-be-named. We love & will always love Goosebumps in this house.

Rebecca is by far one of my favorite classics & no, it has absolutely zero to do with the title, however major bonus. I recommend picking up this haunting tale sometime during spooky season!

Thanks to my pal, Rogier, I’ve recently discovered The Riverman & like? Why was no one talking about this before? It’s weird, it’s intriguing & it’s definitely a good read.

When it comes to fluff, I will never not choose When Dimple Met Rishi by fluff-Queen, Sandhya Menon.

We love JVN in this house. I checked out Over the Top on a whim; I had never seen Queer Eye, but was definitely in the mood for a book about self-love. & !! this is it!! This is the book that led to my obsession of the Netflix show!

Betty has a lot of trigger-y topics & is, honestly, a really difficult read. I absolutely love Tiffany’s writing & would recommend this book to anyone who can handle the subject matter.

Other Words for Home is a middle grade novel written in prose & I strongly urge everyone to pick it up. It was cute, it was heartbreaking & just an all-around amazing story.

When Scythe originally released, I remember seeing it everywhere & everyone was absolutely loving it. I finally picked it up (a buddy read with Reg!) & I could definitely see why this book is so well-loved!

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3 thoughts on “The Bookish Baking Tag

  1. I don’t think my last comment worked since WordPress decided to throw a tantrum but, YAY! I loved this, it was super cute!!! Though I’ll admit to being nervous at first when seeing your tag, because my idiot brain assumed you were asking me to bake something bookish 😂

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  2. Thank you so much for tagging me! I have been seeing this one go around and it looked so much fun. I love so many of your answers. Plus seeing two buddy reads on there makes me so happy!! I am very interested in picking up I’ll Be the One and also The Riverman. I put Rebecca on hold so I can read it before the movie comes on out Netflix.

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